Our main products are phthalocyanine blue, active copper phthalocyanine, CI Pigment Blue 15, 15:1, 15:2, 15:3, 15:4, 15:6, CI Pigment Blue 79, pigment green7, SA-81 aldehyde resin and Pre-dispersed pigments,

Meilida Pigment Industry Co., Ltd



Meilida Pigment Industry Co.,Ltd is seated in Zhaoquan economic develop zone, Hengshui city, Hebei province. Now we have two factories. There are over 450 employees and it covers area of 500mu. The output of solvent based phthalocyanine blue is 1,2000 tons and finished product is 8,700 tons. Our main products are  phthalocyanine blue crude, activated phthalocyanine blue crude, C.I. Pigment Blue 15, 15:1, 15:2, 15:3, 15:4, 15:6 , C.I. Pigment Blue 79...